International Dinner Title Sponsor

It is International House of Rhode Island's pleasure to welcome Sid Wainer & Son as our Title Sponsor for our International Dinners this year.

Sid Wainer & Son

Sid Wainer & Son is the premier produce and specialty foods company in the food industry and the first HACCP certified produce company in North America.  They are an importer and exporter, as well as a national and international distributor of specialty produce and foods.  We supply the finest resorts, airlines, cruise lines, restaurants, hotels, caterers, and retailers throughout the country.  Sid Wainer & Son's award-winning produce is the result of a century of experience coupled with a passion for food and an uncompromising dedication to quality and customer service.  The have been recognized by the President of the United States, as well as the Secretary and Under Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, for our success and industry leadership.