Volunteering & Friendship Program


Get Involved!

As we continue our mission to provide a link between the community and international students, scholars and visitors, we actively seek volunteers to assist in this mission.  

We offer classes in eight different levels of English as a second language, and private tutors for our international students that involves only an hour and a half a week.  We have international dinners and cultural events for which we are always seeking volunteers.



Categories of Volunteers:

Host families for the International Friendship Program 

Teachers of English, substitute teachers, summer teachers

Tutors for private sessions (often only for conversation practice)

Helpers to prepare international meals

Assistance in our annual bazaar (two floors of sale items)

Committees for planning and programs


Recruiting of new members

International Friendship Program:

Each year, many new international graduate students enter their first year at Rhode Island Universities and enjoy an opportunity to be paired with local families on a friendship basis. Students do not live with their American hosts, but foster an ongoing friendship where they share their cultures. If you are a local family who would like to participate in this program or find out more about it, you may download the application below.  Over the summer, we take host applications which we will match with the student applications that arrive at International House.  This has been an ongoing and very successful program over the years at International House.  The program has created and retained long lasting friendships even after students have graduated and moved on to careers both in the U.S. and in their native countries.