International House of Rhode Island promotes friendship, connection, learning, and global understanding by bringing people together from around the world for cross-cultural exchange. 


  • Bring together people of different nationalities to get to know each other

  • Provide a sense of belonging for international students and visitors

  • Facilitate cultural expression and exchange

  • Provide opportunities for cross-cultural learning

  • Support partners/children of visitors from other nations

  • Aid language development through teaching and tutoring

  • Work towards creating a community of global citizens


International House of Rhode Island is an independent nonprofit multi-cultural organization that provides a “home away from home” for international students, scholars, professors, researchers, and their families.  It enhances the local community by building cultural awareness and knowledge of the world through IHRI programs created with the distinct purpose of increasing connection, celebrating similarities and differences and envisioning a world in which friendship and understanding overwhelm anonymity, isolation, and ignorance.

International House of Rhode Island programming ranges from helping to support individuals’ needs while in Rhode Island to presenting multi-cultural events and programs.  Offerings include conversational English language classes and tutoring at all levels, foreign language classes, orientation to local activities, French Club, nationality dinners, and concerts.

International House of Rhode Island is a member-supported organization, and additional funding sources include foundations, grants, and donations.  Membership is open to the public and benefits include access to all programming as well as discounts for dinners, language classes, trips, and many other events.


International House of Rhode Island plays an important role for the international community. My personal experience in here was great. I felt very comfortable and welcomed from my first day in US - the staff and volunteers helped me a lot - from little things like suggestions about shopping and banking to more complex issues like language and culture. Through International House I had the opportunity to improve my English skills, to make friends from many parts of the world and the cross-cultural experience has enriched me beyond expectation. It was always a pleasure to participate in the classes and the events organized here, especially the pot-luck lunches open to everyone and the International Dinners with their cultural component. The memories of those events will always be special to me and will remain with me always. This was my first time abroad, and through International House my insecurities and concerns about living far from everything that I knew quickly disappeared, to be replaced with friendship, respect and a genuine feeling of happiness. Here the plurality from several homes becomes a unique home of respect, kindness, understanding and happiness. Definitely International House of Rhode Island is one “home-away-from-home.
— Ederson Safra Melo, from Brazil, who lived at the House 2015-2016