International House was established 1963 to provide friendship, aid and services to international visitors in Rhode Island.

We have had visitors from all over the world come through our doors.  Every continent has been represented.  Students, professors, researchers, lecturers and visitors (many with their spouses and children) come with a dream about living in the United States. We help them in every way possible, and strive to give our international visitors hospitality and positive experiences here.  We hope they will return to their countries with the same feeling of friendship towards us as we have for them. 

An independent, grass-roots agency, we have no federal or state funding.  We raise our own funds helped by memberships, events, rents, classes, tutors, international dinners and trips, with a dedicated three-person staff:  Risa Gilpin - Director, John Walker - Development & Financial Manager, and Linda Breslin - Administrative Coordinator, and over 200 volunteers each year.  We provide vital services to our multinational visitors with care, concern and kindness as well as contribute to the RI community with great events and unique and stimulating opportunities to learn about other cultures and exchange ideas with our visitors.  The loving atmosphere we create at International House travels around the world when our visitors return to their countries.  What they discover here they share with their children, family and friends.  We form a network of caring and understanding. We hope you will join us in our efforts to create a peaceful, more loving world.  Become a member and be welcomed to our international family.

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Welcoming New Members

We would like to extend a welcome to the new members of the International House Family.  Each new member brings the promise of furthering our mission to extend goodwill around the world with friendship and understanding.  Our new members will join in as volunteers, teachers, tutors, cooks and helpers or guests at our many events.  We welcome you to our house!